Life Notes

Goodbye 2018

Every end-of-year workbook I’ve come across makes the statement that it’s so important to look over your achievements for the past year and celebrate them. In all honesty, 2018 feels like a bit of a blur. I didn’t keep a diary this year, so that didn’t help, but overall I don’t feel like I’ve achieved much this year. There has been a lot of sifting through the past, this year. A lot trying to make sense of the things that have happened, notably with the men who have been a part of my journey and one relationship, in particular, makes me think I’ve missed somethingGoodbye 2018 that won’t ever be recaptured.

As the new year is hours closer, I am feeling I am starting to inhibit my body more and find my voice again. My desire to create all those things, big and small, in my head are there again after being away on vacation again. This isn’t by accident. This year has been filled with a lot of self-development and getting to know myself once again. I am developing plans for the future and I love that I’m thinking about the future again rather than muddling my way through each day. I’m ready to become the person I want to be – not just dream about it.

There have been some highlights to this year: finishing my accounting degree, starting my Masters in writing, watching my daughter thrive, spending time working on myself, starting Pilates, feeling like some friendships are getting stronger (even if I am still socially awkward), learnt I don’t have to be connected to people I don’t feel aligned with, and I’m sure there’s more but, like I said, it’s been a bit of a blur.

There have been lots of other highlights. I was absolutely torn apart by the realistic portrayal of a suicide attempt in Bodyguard, mesmerised by the haunting storytelling of Patrick Melrose, fell in love with way too many shows on the streaming services, discovered Alexander Biggs and Hollow Coves, finally read the Picture of Dorian Gray (and was terribly disappointed), was introduced to Playing Big, and was in awe of Cat Person.

What were your favourite things of 2018?

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