Writing - Competitions

An Introduction

A firm handshake and a velvety, “Hi, I’m Tom.” Twinkling eyes, the same colour as her cubicle wall. A smile quickening her heartbeat. A realisation that trying to avoid falling in love with him was going to be futile.   Fellow entrant, R.J. Midgley, featured this piece over on their blog. Please head over and… Continue reading An Introduction

Life Notes

Goodbye 2018

Every end-of-year workbook I've come across makes the statement that it's so important to look over your achievements for the past year and celebrate them. In all honesty, 2018 feels like a bit of a blur. I didn't keep a diary this year, so that didn't help, but overall I don't feel like I've achieved… Continue reading Goodbye 2018

Check in

When Christmas is Lonely

Christmas can be a lonely time. When you're alone at this time of year it can be draining. Trying to keep on top of everything and social can make me feel like isolating myself. There is complete overwhelm with the shoulds and need-to-dos and playing elf. It's also difficult when you have these self-imposed deadlines… Continue reading When Christmas is Lonely

Writing - Portfolio

The Bird and the Blanket

“You’re always going to blame me.”Christine stood there, looking down into the hole in the earth at her feet. She didn’t think it was big enough. “It’s not your fault the bird flew into the fan, Christine.” Mike let his arm rise and rest on her lower back. She flinched, bending down quickly and placing… Continue reading The Bird and the Blanket

Writing - Portfolio

My Place By The River

At the bottom of my parents’ property there is a river which is usually more like a creek. There’s an embankment next to the water. A miniature hill with a steep climb to relief from the humidity. I stand on the sand that runs parallel to the rise of dirt. A place that is now… Continue reading My Place By The River